The Weeknd – The Hills (video)

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The Weeknd is ready to move on from his hugely successful single ‘Earned It’ as he unveils a brand new visual for his track ‘The Hills’.

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Colorful Umbrellas

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Rain Rain Go Away

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With recent events with rain, thunderstorm, and a spread of tornadoes all over in Texas. Tragic events seen in various parts of Texas and across the world. I realized that gloomy day may face our path and I dare to take a step further to say not only would we face gloomy days but face gloomy days on an emotional level. Just like rain may seem gloomy we can see that there are benefits of rain on the gloomiest day. Rain can give you a free car wash, wet your plants, water for the animals, assist in cleaning the roads, and like always a rainbow at the end of the storm to demonstrate that the storm has finished. Though we might think/feel, that our day may be filled with gloomy storms. We have to see the benefits of the rain. My prayers for those suffering because of their gloomy days. The following picture is a representation…

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Ask how many times she rode the wave, “Not so often”

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The Weeknd eh? The band like, you’ve heard of them? The guy with the mad hairstyle and silky smooth vocals? No? Sings constantly in graphic detail about sex? Yes, that guy!

The Weeknd The Weeknd

I only just realised that it probably isn’t appropriate to be playing this band’s music on blast in front of my 88 year old Granny, she’s hip no doubt, but even she asked me WTF I was listening to. Tactically turning down the volume when it gets really explicit is certainly draining and also fills me with shame because real fans would be like, “how dare you disrespect this lyrical genius yo” (That’s how imagine they would berate me in my head, so many yo’s).

The words in the songs are so bloody catchy though, but I seriously feel like God is judging us all silently, waiting to strike us down with hours of uninterrupted Taylor Swift…

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PARTYNEXTDOOR Talks About Recording Process, Working With Drake

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MTV’s Rob Markman sat down with OVO artist PARTYNEXTDOOR. The young singer/songwriter talked about his work with Drake and how he gets into the process of recording. From engineering his own work so he doesn’t have to wait for an engineer to do anything.

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Mississauga’s Shay Mitchell

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2015 04 00  Shay Mitchell  «MAXIM» India  pg000

2015 04 00  Shay Mitchell  «MAXIM» India  pg0042015 04 00  Shay Mitchell  «MAXIM» India  pg0512015 04 00  Shay Mitchell  «MAXIM» India  pg0522015 04 00  Shay Mitchell  «MAXIM» India  pg0532015 04 00  Shay Mitchell  «MAXIM» India  pg0542015 04 00  Shay Mitchell  «MAXIM» India  pg0552015 04 00  Shay Mitchell  «MAXIM» India  pg0562015 04 00  Shay Mitchell  «MAXIM» India  pg0572015 04 00  Shay Mitchell  «MAXIM» India  pg059

Mississauga’s Shay Mitchell, on the cover & featured in the April 2015 edition of India’s MAXIM magazine.

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Drake Changed the Lyrics of ‘Madonna’ to Include Rihanna’s Name Instead

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Drake’slyrics are malleable. He flips them around when he needs to, interspersing new nouns concepts to account for geographical and cultural flux. Hissongs are changing palettes.

Case in point: two days ago at his Houston concert, Drake changed the lyrics of his song “Madonna” to be abouthis rumored past (and now maybe present?) flame,Rihanna.

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Could this be part of the aftermath of his infamous kiss with Madonna at Coachella? Couldhe be once again involved with the Barbadian singer, towhom hissong “Days in the East” is supposedly an ode? What willChris Brownhave to say about it?

Drake offeredanother glimpse at something he’s changing.

What is it?

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James Harden Should Get Drunk Before Every Game

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James Harden went to a Drake concert over the weekend in Houston, then he went out and dropped 45 points on Golden State in Game 4 and extended the all-but-done Western Conference Finals series.  Then the rains came and flooded Houston to the edge of catastrophe…..coincidence?

hardendrake_fl2iw7The Houston Rockets internet blew up after photos came out of Harden apparently having too much fun (at a Drake concert?):

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.32.01 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.32.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.32.35 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.32.44 PM

This is the most positive press Drake has EVER had, I think he needs James Harden more than James Harden needs Drake.

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